Children’s Class


The FUN class. Our Children's BJJ program has been designed to make children have fun while learning martial arts. While in class, they will get to play games that have martial arts hidden in them and get them comfortable in their own body. With exciting ways to advance, your children will stay involved from start to finish all while learning hard work, discipline,  confidence, and the ability to stand up for themselves.  With bullying being the issue that it is today, help your children by giving them a valuable tool to counter such problems.      From Ages 5 - 12


Pre-K Class


Description Coming Soon.      From Ages 3-5


Women's Only Class


Women's Only Classes give a supportive and encouraging environment for women to do martial arts. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be up close and personal and it can take time to feel comfortable in mixed classes. This course gives women the option to learn BJJ and also women specific self-defense. This class will give you some girl power to take with you where ever you may go.   Available for Teenagers and Adults


BJJ Class and No-Gi BJJ Class


 Description Coming Soon  Teens and Adults




Description Coming Soon       Teens and Adults


Family Class


Description Coming Soon Ages 5 and up